We'll Die: Committing to the Life I Want

Maybe we will see old age. Maybe a sickness or disorder will sneak up on us in the night before we’ve hit our stride. Maybe someone will kill us. Maybe we’ll kill ourselves.

Every day I wake up is somewhat of a journey. Amidst the Facebook scrolling, the exchanges on Twitter, and the droning hours of my work day in-between errands, I feel as though I try to mask the inevitable: I won’t have this life forever. My body will not remain the same. My mind and former dislikes and likes will change. Change can be overwhelming...

But that’s even more reason to go after what I want and believe in it. Vision is the manifestation of dreams via “doing” but as it goes, the mind must first be mastered in order to get anything of substance done. The mind must be mastered again and again and again.

Otherwise, I’ll just be stuck fearing my impending death.

I don’t know when it will arrive; I hope with all intention that it’s not any time soon. But the fact that all I have is this life is something I keep in the forefront of my mind: I want to direct anime feature films. I want to make people feel things, ponder their existence and the potential for change in our reality. I want my work to be a testimony to the invisible voices and faces that entertainment media/art skips over when a big budget is involved.

I’m going to die. We’re all going to die. Use that as kindling for your inner fire of passion. Chase whatever it is that you want.

Because we’re not gonna make it out of here alive.