Special Stage: The Marketing and Content Game

In case you haven’t noticed, there most certainly is an influx of my creative shit, right right? I’m making some type of effort with building a rapport with you guys by showing I give a fuck about my work and not just like... memes and dogs (the internet can be such a black hole). Now you know my marketing scheme: we can all go home now.

Jay kay. I’ve been living in this lofty world where people are supposed to love my work and shower me with likes and shares without actually ya know... informing the world of my actual existence, not to mention being consistent about it. Marketing aka just posting shit regularly has truly been a neglected something for me--I’ll have my rise of constantly posting and then it tapers off into, well... nothingness. Let’s say this is my attempt at consistency as I have some semblance of a plan right now.

The major part of the plan, though, is keeping my sights narrow. I could hop my ass onto Twitter and DeviantArt and Pixiv and Pinterest and wherever the fuck else and just keep posting and posting and posting but ya know... I gotta stick with what I got. I can’t handle all these side hoes: Instagram, Facebook (my personal and fan page) and my website are enough to learn to manage. This is all just a game of patience as I scream over and over into the world and see who takes notice.

With that said, this has been a major year for me in that I’ve noticed that despite having drawn soooo fucking much... I don’t have much in the content department. Sure, I have the lofty dream of making a feature anime film but I need something for the now. I’ve stewed over the whole creating a comic/manga ish but really, if the idea of making the shit feels like a burden, why even bother? I collect prints but I don’t see much purpose in producing prints since no one is really asking sooooo...

Art books. And maybe stickers because yay, low-cost product that I should probably learn to print at home (aka hit up Denisha Conyers-Reddicks about doing). But yea, given my extensively sexy collection of art books, I figured why not just produce my own? And better yet, offer that shit fo’ free. I feel like that helps me in the marketing department as well since really, what do people have to lose or than clicking power and time? (Fun fact: You’re not losing shit with indulging in what I’ve made because IT’S A REVOLUTION AND WILL CHANGE YOUR GODDAMN LIFE!)

So yea. Dialing back to one of the earlier posts about me not drawing much lately, it’s mainly a matter of me taking older work to finish and then packaging it in content/product form so folks can get more value than just looking at some messy lines and a weird-looking character person in a weird-looking pose with sloppily drawn clothing. Yea, many of the art books we all love and adore gives us the pre-production and production tastes AFTER we’ve seen the show or movies but hey...

I’m treating y’all to dessert before dinner. Indulge.

Producing more content is definitely the aim for the remainder for this year. I’ll have more to share on it all in the coming weeks; mark them calendars.