The Life Aquatic: Validation via Likes, Comments, Shares and Whatever Other Bullshit

Over and over I have to recite to myself not to get wrapped up in likes and all that other shit I mentioned above, but it’s usually a matter of... well, why the fuck not? These responses don’t pay the bills but these responses help me affirm if anybody is even seeing what I’m doing. These responses help me affirm if what I’m doing is even worthwhile.

As they say, being neutral and ignoring something trumps even a negative, hateful response because you’re not giving whatever it is energy.

Overall, this is what makes me feel insecure about creating and continually trying to produce something. Like I said before, this path seems to involve yelling into the Void over and over and over again, maybe changing your pitch and/or your message, but overall just yelling until you get some type of response.

It’s a harsh reality that most of my work doesn’t make anyone feel anything to the point that they don’t even want to click like. That they don’t even have words to say to me because what I created made them feel, well... nothing. I consider this is a reflection of my own incapacity to transfer feelings into my work; most of the time, I suppose I don’t feel anything since I’m still learning how to express anything freely in my own life and on the page.

This is all apart of the journey. I try not to get wrapped up, but it most certainly doesn’t change the fact that this shit is discouraging. It just puts me in a strange position: should I try harder for the people? Am I truly just trying hard for myself? Are the two separate?

It’s just a confusing predicament that I try to push from my mind often.

I guess I’ll just get back to work.