Centered: A Break from Drawing (sort of)

I decided to snatch a page from Daniel Colossus DiPiazza’s book and start daily blogging on here (I’m going to add this to my website as well and have an ongoing blogging section). Overall, I’m blogging my creative career journey.

To start, I’m fucking tired of drawing. Maybe it’s the ebb and flow of life, the transition into full-blown adulting and probably the overwhelming list of things I want to learn to do, but the passion just isn’t there. So fuck it.

I’ll tell you what this doesn’t mean.

It mostly certainly doesn’t mean I’m stopping creating (this is a bad sentence, I just know it).

That said, that doesn’t mean “Into the Lainaverse, Vol. 1B” will be delayed further: that baby is still being birthed October 4.

It also doesn’t mean that I’m quitting. Ever. Ever. Never. Eva eva.

Ultimately, I’m changing gears a bit. I guess I’m partially lying since I plan to practice gestures everyday and do story shots. Soooo... I guess overall, I’m not publicizing much of anything new is what I’m getting at. I’m taking a new approach and definitely showing my process for creating ITL1B on the regular, but I guess I’m withdrawing with my studying for a while.

Other than that, I am developing the screenplay outline for Project Orange 91 so that I can start writing the first draft of the script next month. Since I have a non-art day job and what not, I’m snatching pages from James Stanley and Stephane Metayer’s books and making this story my center for, really, the first time in 10 years. I’ll discuss that more with these blogs.

Anyway, I guess that’s it. This is just a bit of a ramble since I’m overdue for a bowl of cereal (I have a problem--WE ALL HAVE OUR VICES). I hope you come back, pay tributes to this god (lolme) and yeeeaaaa. If you haven’t peeped “Into the Lainaverse, Vol. 1A”, peep it off my site because it’s FREE and let me know how you feel.

And thus I conclude with... we all gon’ make it.