HooooOO: We All Gon’ Make It

My momentum is attempting to elude me, but I'm committed to doing these daily.
Your goals in life are everything. Our day jobs are a means to an end; I hope you all find time to do whatever it is that makes you come aliiiiive, even if it's just 30 minutes a day while commuting or 15 minutes while hiding away in the bathroom of your bull shit life. Greatness takes many forms and the best form it can take is allowing the fire within you to consume the dull and drab and pressures that try to tear you apart.
If you don't believe in yourself, believe in THE ME THAT BELIEVES IN YOU (dat drill doe). I'm naive. I take people for whomever they show themselves as. I've paid dearly for this, but fuck it. I'm naive and honest enough to believe that you'll achieve whatever you want before you croak.
You don't have to be all grand and out there and shit like I wanna be. Your legacy can be your smile. Your legacy can be some bangin' ass cookies you know how to make (hook a negress up on the low). Your legacy can be your unending kindness despite those who try to siphon it out of you and make you feel guilty for it.
Life doesn't owe us shit, but some times we owe that bitch a bunch in the soft, gentle parts. That means fight for your fire. Fight for your light. Fight because of Love and to show the Fear otherwise.
We all gon' make it. Just make sure you're acting on that belief.