Comet Course: Building Stamina and the Importance of Motion

I had a sharp lapse over the past 3 days or so. My mood plummeted and I lost all hope of ever becoming something great. I stay looking for grand reasons as to why I get hopeless and unhappy but really, it goes back to some fundamentals.

I am awful to my body.

The lack of exercise and eating and water is really a huge what the fuck and I can't really explain why I reach the greatest depths of lazy that I don't care about these basic needs. These are the fundamentals of not just existence but ultimately, for doing anything creative. I need my body to achieve dreams.

There's some type of resistance within me that avoids all the good things I need but then wants to be upset that I haven't achieved anything without trying. What in the fuck?

So yea... I'm building my stamina for greatness and actually committing to it because feeling unfocused, fatigued and hopeless really sucks and it gets freakishly easy to be comfortable with that cycle. Love thy self over it all.

So fam, if you're ever wondering why your life may be taking a nosedive and your thoughts are sinking into the abyss, try some push ups. Or jogging. Or a long walk with your favorite music or audiobook. Or close all the blinds and turn up the music and dance. When you wake up, chug some water. Have a smoothie. These things are important for creating.

Sure, the outside circumstances you're dealing with may be trash, but at least make sure you are okay and healthy. The journey won't become easier, but the least we can do for ourselves is build and maintain the stamina to handle it all.